Flour Power at 70 Miles Per Hour

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be featured in Smithsonian Magazine.  However, serendipity can lead you onto wondrous new paths, or highways, just by pedaling the ‘Country Living Grain Mill’ like your life depends upon it.

Jack Jenkins riding his pedal-powered Country Living Grain Mill at the Kneading Conference West in Mount Vernon, WA.

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Perpetual Harvest

UPDATE:  Perpetual Harvest DVD now available on the Country Living Site here; Perpetual Harvest DVD

New Perpetual Harvest Trailer

The fragile nature of the world economy; food sources ever more under corporate control–those are just two of the many reasons we should be growing our own food, year-round! Whole grain guru and former nationally syndicated radio commentator, Jack Jenkins, will take you step by step through the how and why of growing your own food organically. Harvesting food in small spaces; making a self-watering planter; preserving seeds; life sustaining sprouts; making the most of your food storage; lost wisdom from ancient Egypt–and much more. Join us on this nutrient-rich journey loaded with amazing graphics, lush cinematography and life-saving information!